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Unexpected emergencies are bound to happen.

The doctors at Sonterra Dental are ready to provide timely services to you and your family when a dental emergency occurs.

Good oral health is essential to your well-being so it is important to seek help to relive pain and swelling from trauma to your teeth, gums and jaw.

Dr. Woods Woolwine and
Dr. Kara Tapangan,
along with our team of compassionate and highly trained staff, are here to help you in a timely and professional manner.

We will try to accommodate your emergency on the same day as your call and even as a walk-in patient.

Relieving your pain and suffering by providing immediate care is very important to us.

Call us for your dental emergency! (210) 899-5434

Types of Dental Emergencies

Experiencing a toothache is not always a dental emergency; it depends on the severity of your discomfort and other symptoms.  Her is a list of situations we consider urgent and require immediate treatment:

  • Painful toothache
  • Jaw pain or swelling
  • Infection within the mouth area
  • Accidental jaw trauma
  • Knocked out teeth
  • Chipped teeth
  • Broken teeth
  • Loose or misaligned teeth

We are here to help! (210) 899-5434

If our office is open:

Please call us to schedule an
appointment for you as soon as possible.

If our office is closed:
Call 911 if you are experiencing a dental

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